(VIDEO) A Stampede Almost Trampled Me In New Orleans Last Night

There I was, taking a leisurely stroll down Carrollton Avenue last night after cooking an absolutely fuego steak dinner, and as I approached my house all I saw was a mob of horses with civilians riding them. It looked like HBO had just dropped a crossover episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Treme’. The Wild West meets The Big Easy.

Now, I’ve been in this wonderful city for going on 4 years now and I’ve seen and experienced things here that most people couldn’t conjure in their heads. There’s a naked old woman who rides a glow up bike uptown blasting rap music, there’s are rich privileged kids who are so rich and privileged they choose to be homeless called gutter punks, I’ve seen the leader of the Klan have a conference when BLM was protesting the Andrew Jackson statue and countless other things on my adventures through the Crescent City, but never have I had been as taken aback as I was last night when Young Money Cash Money came stampeding through Mid City on horseback. It was an absolute sight to behold and moments like this are where I realize I never want to leave this city. You don’t get moments like this anywhere else. Only in NOLA can you casually walk the streets with alcohol and a god damn barrage of people comes storming through the streets on horseback. Anthony Davis was an absolute fool to give this up for Los Angeles.

What a beautiful place to be.


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