Saints Recline Sit Back and Enjoy: Preseason Week 2

The Saints traveled out to the Sunshine State to help fill seats in a stadium with no Chargers fans because they’re all still in San Diego where the team should be.  Fuck Los Angeles sports.  You got the Rams back, why the Chargers??  Fucking assholes.  I shall digress…


I heard Lance Moore on WWL radio giving a passionate argument to abolishing team joint practices in the preseason.  He said that the players hate it, and it’s essentially to rock the coaches’ collective jollies.  I’ve never heard his perspective before from any player (probably because they’re always active when asked), but there was some merit to it.  His logic is that players get amped in joint practices, injury risks get higher, and there’s no benefit to the evaluations if your teams are going to play a preseason game anyway.  Just throwing out some food for thought, Who Dats.

So what did we learn this week?  Who’s up?  Who’s down?  Who’s already looking like they need a hail mary to survive the cuts, and who could own all the world’s hail mary’s and it wouldn’t matter?  The water’s great, let’s dive in, Who Dat Nation.


Taysom Hill:


That guy.  The dude went off in what is now classic hot and cold Taysom Hill fashion.  Since Teddy Bridgewater laid an egg, it only accenuated the Hill performance.  Therefore, Taysom Hill is our franchise quarterback for the next 20 years. I want to see him go against the ones and not the twos and threes, hopefully he’ll get that chance on Saturday after Brees checks out. He’s earned the shot.

Deonte Harris!!!!

He continues to shine while his competition is an absentee.  Interestingly enough, they even threw Cyril Grayson into the return warmups before the game.  I just want Deonte to catch some freakin’ balls!  Put the man out on routes! He certainly has earned the Adam Bighill preseason excitement award (shout out to Andrew Juge for that joke).

Cyril Grayson, Jr.:

Cyril continued to look solid, thus creating a tough conumdrum of who to cut in the receiver corp. If he hooks up with Brees this Saturday, get out the ink pen because this kid’s on the roster! (Probably practice squad)

Vonn Bell:

Not only did he have a beautiful pass break up in which he ran from across the field, but he just looked all around on point.  This is a guy we will likely not be able to afford in a year, and he will be awesome elsewhere in the future.  Win now, Saints.

The Running Backs and O Line:

Everyone did well.  Week 2 of preseason looked a lot better than week 1.  Blocking generally looked better, Kamara looked great, and we all question why he was in the game at all.  Washington looked pretty good (much to my chagrin), Ozigbo was up and down, but overall up, and Murray was solid with the exception when he was buried in the backfield on an obvious run play.  There was also a miscount against the delay clock that McCoy snapped to Bridgewater, but I’ll use that as a segue.


Teddy Bridgewater:

Bridgewater had a subpar game to say the least. He looked uncomfortable, and the aforementioned snap was McCoy watching the clock, and not the QB.  Apparently, Bridgewater was sick with an undisclosed illness. Maybe Footballitis. Possibly Diarrhea. Who knows? Everyone should get a pass here and there, and the Saints shouldn’t have three QBs on the roster right now. Hello preseason.

Eli Apple:

Again another flop week.  I wouldn’t worry too much yet, but if Vonn Bell wasn’t being an amazing safety over the top, Apple would’ve been burned even worse today. Eeesh of CBs are looking rough in preseason so far, which includes-

Patrick Robinson:

He wasn’t as awful as he was in week 1 of preseason, but he’s still far from looking good. Again, it’s not time to panic, but it is time to worry. Speaking of worry-

PJ Williams:

If PJ were a bread, he’d be burnt toast, am I right, folks?? Receivers have been beating him up and down the field. He looks awful. Like 2018 Ken Crawley awful, and he’s heading towards 2007 Jason David awful.


Yes Colton Jumper had a highlight.  But a ball falling into your hands against a fourth string offense isn’t a reason to get excited as much as it is understanding luck and this game doesn’t matter.  We need to see some more from him before getting excited. Eli Apple isn’t looking good in game time, nor is P Rob or PJ.  But I still expect the Saints secondary to get it together before week 1.  Ted Ginn finally warranted attention and calmed some nerves. Deonte Harris is starting to look like the real deal, but it would be even more comforting if he could even just run a route let alone catch a pass for once.  Again it’s preseason Who Dat Nation!  There’s still plenty of time before you ultimately throw your shit against a wall like a chimpanzee.

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