VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins “ALLEGEDLY” Threatens To Shoot His Baby Mama For Not Letting Their Son Go To His Wedding

DeMarcus Cousins‘ ex-girlfriend, Christy West, said that the Los Angeles Lakers center threatened to kill her when she refused to let their seven-year-old son attend his wedding to Morgan Lang last week.

In audio of an August 23 phone call acquired by TMZ Sports, a person speaking with West says, “I’m gonna ask you this one more time before I take it to another level. Can I have my son here, please?”


Things are going from bad to worse in Boogie-town. Not only did Cousins just lose his upcoming season with the Lakers to injury, he lost out on having his son at his wedding because his baby mama didn’t want him there.

Now, I think his son probably should have been there, however, his reaction to being told no probably also shows why his baby mama didn’t want him there. You can’t go around threatening to kill people when you don’t get your way and Boogie should know that. Cousins was a crybaby on the court, and he’s obviously a cry baby off it.

Can’t defend Cousins here. What he said is just flat out wrong. You can’t go threatening to kill people, especially in today’s day and age. DeMarcus needs to get that anger in check.


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