2019 Summer Positions Breakdown: The O Line Part 2


First of all, I love that photo, and I’m gonna keep showing it.  So Ok, Who Dats.  I think we’re starting to get a picture of the Offensive Line’s layout.  It’s not that the starters for 2019 were ever in much question, but with a lot of options in depth, who do we keep, who needs backing up (besides an obvious Terron Armstead), who has the versatility to be a “Senio Kelemente” (I miss him so much!)?  Also, whatever price tag we let him walk for was totally worth paying to keep him last season (*cough* *cough*, Mickey Loomis), as the last few games showed.  Anyway, the past is the past, water under the bridge, etc, right Saints fans? (Queue jailhouse shiving of Roger Goodell)  Hey hey!  Let’s dive in!  Belly flop, Saints Nation, look out!!



It’s no secret that we’re looking at a virtual repeat of last season’s starters on the line, with exception to the retirement of Max Unger.  It was thought to be a possible battle for the center job between rookie Erik McCoy, free agent pick up Nick Easton, Saints hopeful and backup Cameron Tom, and the young former 7th round draft pick in LSU’s Will Clapp.  After training camp and 3 weeks of preseason, it’s become pretty clear that 2nd round draft pick Erik McCoy will be the starter at Center.

We also know from past experience that should the need arise, they can kick out Andrus Peat from Left Guard to Left Tackle in the place of Terron Armstead, although you don’t even need to be sober to know that’s not ideal.  But here’s where our line starts looking dicey.  We have a plethora of capable backup guards, but only a handful of options to back up the tackles, which leads us into…



The veteran backup Michael Ola has been looking servicable, if not solid, to backup the ever injury-riddled Terron Armstead, until Ola got hurt in week 2 of preseason.  I’m going to go ahead and guess that his injury isn’t serious based on 2 factors:  New Orleans hasn’t hit the panic button and paraded free agent tackles through the doors, and to the best of our knowledge, they haven’t experimented publicly with anyone on the team that’s never played the spot.  They have been comfortable throwing in every veteran tackle prospect already on the roster that I guarantee you will not make the 53 man roster.

If the cuts come down to money, Nick Easton will beat out Will Clapp because of current contracts, sad to say.  I see a world where they retain both and possibly Marshall Newhouse if his current injury isn’t bad nor lingering.  I could also foresee a world where the Saints pick up a guy off waivers and throw him into the fire if need be.



The Saints have varied throughout the seasons under Sean Payton on how many linemen they will carry week-to-week.  Barring any injuries though, come this Saturday I only have 9 names of the 16 offensive linemen on the current roster.  Maybe that sounds pretty good?  What if I told you that 5 of the 9 are primarily guards?  A little more “uh oh” stirred into a bowl of “sucky”.  Oh I’m aware.  I have a projected 53 man roster (coming soon!), so look for it, and you’ll get to see who I think makes the cut!

And here it is you thought you’d get closure in a part 2…MUAHAHAHA!  TO BE CONTINUED, WHO DAT NATION!

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