Preseason Week 4, Cuts, Waivers, and Let’s Just Start This Season Already!: Saints Recline

“Zzzzzzzzzz. Thump. What happened??”, as you fall off the sofa and wake up. Did I just successfully recreate you watching the final week of preseason? C’mon, it wasn’t THAT bad, right? You gotta love the Preseason week 4 highlight reels because it really feels like ESPN, the NFL Network, local news, et al, are all trying to sell you a lemon of a car. “Did you see what that, at best, practice squad candidate did to that 4th string defense of tomorrow’s cuts?? Oh my!” Well it wasn’t that painful to watch was it? It wasn’t completely meaningless, right? Let’s recap the week for those who are lazy fans. Spoiler alert: The Saints have been a lot less exciting than Antonio Brown and his hot air balloon of a head. Zing! Grab a tube and a six pack, the river is nice and lazy!

Cuts and Waivers:

Last Friday, the Saints played their final preseason game, Devine Ozigbo looked great, and Lil’Jordan showed up for a nice splash play. Emmanuel Butler looked progressively better as the game went on, and both Teddy and Taysom were great. And then it was all over. You were probably upset that we lost to the god damn Dolphins (of all teams!) until you remembered that it meant nothing. Then the next day the cuts came. And there were some surprises. “Dan Arnold got fucking cut?” “They’re really going with two tight ends??” (those are actual direct cuts from coworkers). Alizé Mack getting cut was no surprise, and Griffin was placed on IR, but Arnold too? I was also surprised by Emmanuel Butler getting cut (*cough *cough 53 man roster projection blog. Go read it in my archives). I thought he had shown enough that they would retain him and Deonte Harris in a rare 7 receiver roster move, since Harris isn’t really a receiver for what they want out of him right now. And Devine Ozigbo. He looked like a rich man’s Boston Scott, and they still cut him! I hope that doesn’t bite us later. Seriously, I have high hopes for Devine by year 3. He does have a football name after all.

Surprisingly, after the 53 man trimming, there were some surprises to be sure, but honestly after waivers cleared, I was surprised that we only lost Ozigbo (claimed by Jacksonville). And now, we have a great practice squad:

Dan Arnold TE
Emmanuel Butler WR
Alizé Mack TE
Lil’Jordan Humphrey TE
Mitchell Loewen DL
John Leglue OL
TJ Green S
Taquan Mizell WR (only one claimed)
Derrick Kelly OL

Veteran Chris Banjo was the only sad cut that is out on the open market now. I have a feeling he will make his way back onto this team this season. And there are a few other veterans we could see back if available: Ziggy Hood DL, Sylvester Williams DL, Michael Ola OT, or even Geneo Grissom DL. Michael is a bit of a surprise considering he knows the system and we are thin at tackle.

Saints News:

It was a quiet week for the Saints until they RANDOMLY traded our third year developing linebacker Vince Biegel for Miami’s LB Kiko Alonso. If you are unfamiliar with Alonso, this is not an even trade AT ALL. As melon scratchers go, this one’s a honeydoodle, but it’s in our favor so who cares! It’s like you and I are on the playground at recess, and I have a bag of Goldfish and you have a 5 pack of Nutter Butters. I just gave you a few Goldfish for all five of your Nutter Butters. Unreal.

How good is Alonso for us? For starters, linebacker depth, which is good considering that Anzalone (so hot right now) and Robertson are not 100%. Alonso also is only 29 and has been a linebacker beast on a dismal Dolphins defense the last two years. The Saints were idiots if they didn’t take this offer.

The Recline:

With week 1 around the corner, the Saints have been relatively quiet, with the exception of their one deal at the Dolphins’ fire sale: #tankingfortua With the end of the offseason dust settled, the Saints look to break a losing streak of season openers. I know our memory is selective, but the Saints have lost the last 5 season openers. I’m sorry I have to remind you of that.

This is the year they turn it around though. Monday night in the Dome to kick off the season? I wouldn’t bet on anyone against the Saints. I only wish it were the Rams or Chiefs. Streak will be broken. Texans don’t have the firepower and overall defense to stop the Saints. I’m gonna call it right now too: Drew Brees will connect a deep ball down the seam to Jared Cook before the game is over. Nothing personal Houston. The season of vengeance has begun!

Saints 31-Texans 20

I’m going to try and give a post game review combined with a next week preview blog every week of the regular season. For now, I’m going to combine them into one. Look for “Saints W1 Recap/Saints W2 Recline: Sit Back And Enjoy”. Dust off your last season booze, pills, exercise bikes, weapons, or whatever you used to cope with the 2018 Saints train ride, because 2019 is gonna be a lot of the same, but hopefully a better ending.

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