Wil Lutz Creates First Sonic Boom in Dome, Beats Texans

With regular time expiring in the 4th quarter, Wil Lutz sent a booming career long 58 yard field goal through the uprights. The Dome erupted and a flow of of defeated Texan fans oozed out of the building and into the nearest bar. Somehow a 14-3 halftime deficit turned into a 28-30 victory.

The game on Monday night was a “tale of two halves” as many like to say, but the second half looked like classic Sean Payton era Monday Night Football. If you were at home, I’m sorry you had to hear another dumb commentary from mediocre announcers from MNF. Silver lining? No Jason Whitten. If you were at the Dome, you were probably telling the person next to you something like “if these motherfuckers don’t do something after halftime, I’m getting out to beat the traffic.” Well Who Dats, get your googles and your swim caps, we’re hitting the indoor pool for some victory laps. Let’s go!

The Recap:

Alvin Kamara was stellar in his 2019 debut. He was rock steady the whole game, but he exploded in the second half along with Brees, Thomas, and Co. He ran for 97 yards on the ground and 72 in the air. No TDs, but with that kind of production, the touchdowns are there for others to feast on.

Michael Thomas had an average 123 yards receiving game. That’s only a half joke. The only not so normal thing is that he and Kamara had no touchdowns. Latavius Murray (who ripped off an impressive 30 yard TD run), Tre’quan Smith (get yo self in there!), and Taysom Hill (yay!!) had touchdowns. And we’re all ok with that as long as we win.

Drew Brees looked like he was trying to help out the naysayers in the first half, especially with that interception in the red zone. That was just plain gross looking, Drew, but we’ll just blame that on a receiver miscue. And then the second half happened. I never know what happens during halftime, but we’ve seen it too many times now under Payton/Brees where the offense has made halftime adjustments and owned the second half. It was a glorious second half performance. Never count out Drew Brees. All three passing touchdowns were in the second half. Brees was electric. He was precise. He was every reason why we love him and he’s still our QB at 40 years old.

I already mentioned Wil Lutz, but two other things worth mention. If the refs had not (AGAIN!!!!) fucked us on 15 seconds before halftime, Lutz wouldn’t have had to attempt a 56 yarder. The other thing worth mention is Lutz got interviewed about his “Wil” nickname. When asked why only one “L”, Lutz replied, “We gave the other L to Houston.” Boom. Boom. Squish. Moving on.

The Recline:

With a reduced contact and conditioning regimen, week 1 has gotten shakier for teams, with the Saints being no exception. It took the offense a game half to get adjusted, and hopefully it only takes the defense one game to get adjusted (and not 4 games like last year), because they weren’t very good. Guys out of position, missed tackles, big gash plays, just too much that should worry us, but let’s not forget Fitzmagic that started last season. And how was the D by the end of the season? Oh yes, right. A top 10 D. Let’s hold trust in Dennis Allen and for now be happy for the Saints’ offense and special teams.

The Precline:

The Rams. The god damned Rams. Well the first piece of good news is that it’s a home game for them, so it will be on a neutral field. Zing! This is, in reality, an uphill battle for us at this point in the season. I hate that we play in week 2. I always feel like the NFL fucks us on…well…everything. What am I saying?!?! Because they do! Why not an LSU-Alabama game that is always scheduled late in the season with a lot of hype?? Because the NFL wants this game buried on the schedule and insignificant because of their historic flub last season. You may or may not remember that game. Just kidding.

This game comes down to two basic elements: Jared Goff waking up after week 1 and the Saints defense also waking up after week 1. Sean Payton played a bit conservative against the Texans (by Sean Payton standards). Expect the Saints showing their hand finally (even though it’s week 2) with big Jared Cook and Ted Ginn hits to couple in with Thomas and Kamara. They’ll likely double team Michael Thomas, so Tre’quan has a big opportunity this week to step up and be a playmaker.

Don’t hate me, and hope that I’m wrong, but I don’t see the Saints putting everything together yet this season. If I’m wrong, Seattle next week will have our number. But we’re splitting these next two games somehow. Our schedule is bullshit. Look at the Pats next 7 games. Christ on a crutch.

Saints 24 – Rams 30

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