Could This be the Year of Markelle Fultz???

The former #1 overall pick has been one of the most interesting players in the NBA for the past two years, without any consistent playing time. He was picked by the 76ers, who have an extremely bad reputation for injured rookies. That didn’t help him, but he didn’t last two years in Philly before they shipped him to Miami. The Magic are a young, up and coming team with guys like Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac. If Fultz can show us that he was the number one pick for a reason, that Magic team could be good.

Fultz has been through a lot, from reported shoulder injuries, to speculations he is not mentally ready for the NBA, he’s heard it all. NBA fans have already labeled him a bust after just 33 games played, at the age of 21. I think that’s crazy to think that already. His jump shot has been a dumpster fire at times.

From shooting with barely and hold on the ball, to whatever you want to call the pump fake free throw, to where he is now is a big improvement.

Via Orlando Magic Radio

This shooting form looks 1000x better than any of the other ones from his past seasons. This should give some hope to Orlando Magic fans. I’m not saying Markell’s Fultz is going to lead the Magic on a dee playoff run next year, but he could be a fun project for this team. He’s a big, athletic point guard, the Magic love big athletic players. It’s a good fit for him.


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