Richard Sherman Cries That Baker Mayfield Didn’t Shake His Hand, Pat McAfee Quickly Puts Him In Bodybag

On a slow news cycle Tuesday after the San Francisco 49ers dismantled and dismembered the Cleveland Browns, star CB Richard Sherman exclaimed that the reason for the beat down was that Baker Mayfield refused to shake his hand pregame. However, Detective McAfee was on the case and dispelled all events Richard Sherman claimed.

He then posted several more videos showing Baker Mayfield extending for a shake and Richard Sherman being the one who was “rude”.

Sherman responded to McAfee’s findings, claiming that Baker shook his hand differently than everyone else and that is what actually shook him up. But remember guys, it wasn’t a big deal.

Richard Sherman has made his reputation in being a loud mouth. He’s actually been pretty insightful when it comes to a lot of issues within the league and when it comes to trash talking, but on this day, Pat McAfee turned Sherman from a shutdown corner to a shutdown clown.


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