(VIDEO) Lunatic of the Week: This Crazy Bitch Who Told Everyone The Plane Was Going To Crash

I’m not afraid of flying, I’m also not NOT afraid of flying when shit like this goes down. A little turbulence? No problem. 5 minutes straight of turbulence, this fucking plane is going DOWN.

I’d really like to hope that people like this actually get put on a no fly list, but who’s to say. Some lady starts yelling that the plane is going to crash, I’ll be right behind her as she’s being dragged off the plane, crazy person or not.

The worst part of the video, however, is her menacing laugh as she’s being dragged off the plane. I’m going to say it’s safe to assume that the clapping was for them getting her off the plane, but she 100% believes that her fellow passengers are cheering her on. Thats how deranged that lunatic is.

Folks, just know, when you fly JetBlue, something like this could happen to you.


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