Did Tom Brady Really Call Ed Reed The “N” Word Last Night? If He Did, Most People Don’t Seem To Mind

Leading up to halftime, NBC showed a clip of Tom Brady walking to the field and greeting Ed Reed before the Patriots took on the Ravens. Brady definitely called Reed his kryptonite and he might have also called him the “n” word.

Now, I can’t say either way if Brady has a pass to say it, but considering who was around him, who he said it too, and the way in which he said it he definitely has a pass to say it.

Also if you ask Marquis Flowers, he also believes it’s okay.

But unfortunately for all of us on twitter, he did not say it. If you listen closely, Brady says “You’re my Kryptonite, they had to bring you back.”

Sorry, jokesters, but the only thing you can hang on Brady last night was an L courtesy of Lamar Jackson and Co.


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