No Name Browns Player Jermaine Whitehead Threatens A Bunch Of People On Twitter After Being Called Out For Having A Shitty Game

Not much could get any worse for the Cleveland Browns following a loss to a first time QB and the lowly Denver Broncos Sunday, but it almost seemed like it was Jermaine Whiteheads personal mission to make sure that Cleveland Browns and Rock Bottom were synonymous.

Losing 24-19 in a game that the Browns needed to win to keep their season alive, Jermaine Whitehead took to Twitter, and then instagram after Twitter gave him a 15 minute timeout threatening to kill people even giving out his address to one twitter user to meet up calling him a “CRACKER”.

But my favorite tweet out of all of this comes from @HeHateMe234 absolutely putting Whitehead in a body bag.


Cleveland needs to cut bait with this clown immediately to save any integrity from this joke of a season.

UPDATE: Cleveland has released Whitehead.


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