Saints Starving After Bye Week, Dirty Birds Are On the Menu

Welcome! It’s a Saints Recline “minisode”! I’m slow to put this out with work and life happenings, my niece had a birthday today, I also watched the LSU game, and, kind of, fuck it who cares?? There’s no way Atlanta can win this game tomorrow. My laziness could transfer over to the Saints, and this game is STILL in the bag. What’s important though is that we stay focused as fans and a team, win and move forward. Or be petty and say, “I see you standing there, but I’m gonna jump in this pond that says ‘No fishing or swimming’ anyways, because I can”. Let’s geaux!! (Geaux Tigers)


I didn’t mean to wait this long, but after a disheartening Facebook block for posting too quickly (yes that’s a thing apparently), followed by an immediate useless badge promotion from Facebook for being a “Top Fan” (Adding insult to injury), I needed to count to 10 and break for a moment. Hopefully by now, some of you are looking to the website and not waiting for something to pop up in a Facebook group, especially a private one. Or you are enjoying these from Twitter or some other social media outlet, because “God Damn It!!! Really?? I posted too fast!?!?!!?” (Head hangs) I digress.

Micky Loomis needs to be figuring out right now how to get Joe Burrow. Two 1st round draft picks, a first born child, whatever it takes. Wait, this is a Saints blog. Fuck that, let’s get into the game. The Saints and Falcons are as “good to go” as possible. Sure there’s some studs missing (moreso on their part), but for the most part the important peeps are back. So it looks like it’s Matt Ryan instead of Matt Schaub.

If you’re a Saints fan, you should be screaming “Hallejuah”, (because Matty Ice is broken and performing worse than yesteryear’s Matt Schaub) and if you’re a Falcons fan, you should be screaming, “Whatever it takes to rise up!” The answer is yeast. Yeast, is the answer. Yeast. That’s for you, Kelly, because there is nothing else that will rise up in Atlanta this year unless we’re talking about crime or general failure. Even with 4 Saints turnovers, 10 Saints in game injuries, and Brees and Bridgewater jumped into a ravine together after declaring true love, the Saints aren’t losing this game. Sorry Shatlantians. I just made that up. Someone take note of this release in case I beat out someone else strangely or die tomorrow from jubilation.

A slow start? Maybe? A breakout Tre’Quan Smith after a return, thus surprising fantasy experts? I’m ok with that. A Jared Cook solid game? Taysom Hill maybe catching receiving touchdowns while playing Solitaire? One thing is definitive, our offense giving up, dialing in an entire game, maybe feeling rusty after the bye, against our arch nemesis?? Not possisible. Spreading the ball around and having several good, not great players, VERY LIKELY.

Now that injury reports are released, it is the most guaranteed game of the week. You should have more confidence in this game than in the very walls that actually support and keep your house from falling. The bigger question is, “But by how much will we win?”

Now that is a gambler’s world, but being home in the Dome, having almost the entire team back from injury, it’s safe to say, it’s a two score game conservatively. If you’re not betting on the game, you should in the least get your popcorn ready and enjoy the Saints consuming the Dirty Birds like the veritable popcorn you should be eating. Surprise player of the game? Latavius Murray. Oh yeah, and Sean Payton just got engaged this weekend. See y’all on the 8-1 flipside.


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