If I Was James Wiseman I Would Stop Playing College Basketball Altogether And Keep My $11,000


James Wiseman, a potential #1 pick who plays for Memphis, was suspended by the NCAA for taking money from boosters during recruiting. I think the narrative of college players being allowed to be paid is overplayed at this point, however, in this case, it seems as though Memphis used money to recruit Wiseman to go to their school, preventing him from going to college powerhouses like Duke and Kentucky. Which, I can see why other schools would be pissed, but hey, this kid is 7’1, 240 lbs and a freak athlete. Pay up for that man or do better at recruiting.

As far as the NCAA and their sanctions are concerned, they’re suspending Wiseman 11 games and making him donate $11,500 that he received from boosters back to a charity. Considering his hype, he’s already made that back for the University 10x over, so really he deserves it.

I’m not sure the legality of Wiseman absolutely having to pay that money back, but if I’m him, I’m leaving my jersey in the locker, cleaning it out, and never stepping foot on an NCAA court again. Worst case scenario he’ll be a top 5 pick. Why risk that? You’re 18 with $11k. Ride high until April, go pro, make millions, and never look back. The NCAA is well within their right to suspend him, but he should spit on their logo for trying to get him to give up that $11k.



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