There Is A Petition For The Patriots To Re-Sign Antonio Brown And It’s So Stupid It Just Might Work

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Earlier this week, Antonio Brown (probably Drew Rosenhaus) apologized to Bob Kraft for the way he’s conducted himself and Patriots fans are running with it.

Look, as a Patriots fan, do I want the talent of Antonio Brown on my team? Of fucking course I do. Do I want an immature punk who thinks he can do literally whatever he wants whenever he wants on my team? No. No, thank you, let’s move on.

The problem with the Patriots offense is the offensive line and it’s so apparent it’s sickening, so if we’re going after anything this late in the season it should be that. Luckily, Isiah Wynn is coming back so that should alleviate some of the pressure there.

I’ve recently joined a bunch of Patriots facebook groups for some reason and I gotta tell you, these people are out of their fucking minds. I thought twitter was a crazy place, but if you go into a facebook fan group, you see a bunch of Charles and Karens talking about how laser focused they have to be, and by they they’re referring to themselves, not the Patriots, to go on this Super Bowl runs.

Everyone freaking out about the Patriots and their current state really just need to shut the fuck up. Is it the beginning of the end of the Tom Brady era? Yes.  Is that okay? Yes. Are we still winning the Super Bowl this year? Probably. The Patriots only loss this year produced an entire game plan against Lamar Jackson and if you think he’s going to do that TWICE to Bill Belichick you’re out of your fucking mind.

The Patriots are fine, they don’t need AB, the O-Line will be good enough if Wynn stays healthy and all will be right in the world.

Also, sign the petition here.


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