LeBron James Is Out Here Daring Refs To Make Calls Against Him And They’re Scared Shitless

Last night in a decisive victory over Utah, (where for some reason the Lakers were underdogs? It’s cool, made me some serious cash-ola.) LeBron James reminded the world that this is his world and we’re all just living in it. I’m not talking about another 20-10 game from The King, which is impressive enough as it is, I’m talking about this travel/carry that is so ridiculously blatant that Bojan Bogdonovich stopped playing defense altogether to dispute the call. LeBron himself even paused before continuing with the play.

Referee Derek Richardson even gave the “wait did that really just happen” look, which was inexcusable because that showed just how in his head LeBron James is. It’s almost like it’s an extreme trade-off; Refs won’t send Bron to the free throw line, so he gets to play by his own rules on offense.

This play was so fucking blatant you can’t even be mad. It’s comical how LeBron just whipped his dick out and laid it on the table and dared the ref to call it on him and he didn’t. And he knew he wouldn’t. #ThisLeague.



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