Rick’s Picks: Can Green Bay Cover A -13 Point Spread Against Washington? Will The Saints Fall In The Dome?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Redskins

Making money is always fun, but the most fun way to do it is definitely by gambling. There’s nothing like sitting on your couch, biting your nails hoping your picks cover as you suffer minor heart attacks throughout the day. No rush like it.

A few weeks ago I hit a 15-game, money line only parlay. It was my greatest gambling achievement to date. So, today, I’m going to give you all 3 free picks to try and win some money today before the holidays.


DISCLAIMER: I am betting on all three of these games as well so if you lose, I also lose so don’t hang me in the town center.


Indianapolis is having an up and down year and many of their losses are due to the horrific kicking of legendary kicker turned really old man Adam Vinatieri. The Bucs have put up monster numbers all year though they typically haven’t translated to wins. I expect the Bucs to do much of the same today and thrash the Colts who’s defense won’t be able to stop the Bucs receiving duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin which may be the best duo in the NFL.


The Saints are almost impossible to beat at home and they face their biggest test of the year against San Fran today. The 49ers come into New Orleans fresh off a loss to Baltimore in a rainy, gritty game. The biggest player for the Saints today will be the crowd, however, as it’s something that Jimmy G hasn’t experienced yet. If Garoppolo is able to tune out the noise and communicate with his offense, the 9ers should be on their way to a victory, as their athletic defense should hold Michael Thomas and Jared Cook in check.


In no way shape or form do I think the Redskins win this game, but given that both of these teams have some of the slowest offenses in the league, I believe it’ll stay tight. Dwayne Haskins is getting better by the week as is Derrius Guice. I’m picking the Redskins to lose, but cover the 13 point spread.

If you take my advice, good luck and let’s all win some cash!



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