It Is Absolutely And Utterly Insulting That The Cincinnati Bengals Think The Patriots Need To Cheat To Beat Them


It’s been 12 years since Spygate and the narrative hasn’t changed: The New England Patriots Are Cheaters*. I put an asterisk there because if you look at the facts of every accusation of cheating against the New England Patriots, they toed the line once and it was against the fucking Jets during a year where they went 16-0 in the regular season because Eric Mangina is a prissy little bitch who was sad that he’d never win another Super Bowl again because Belichick sent him to pasture…sorry PTSD.

The newest team to accuse the most successful franchise in NFL history is the 1-12 Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals accused the Patriots of recording their sideline during their game against the Cleveland Browns. The Patriots released a statement stating that they had in fact informed the Browns that they’d be recording the scouting portion of a “Do Your Job” documentary that is set to release, but that not informing the Bengals was an oversight. Which is absolutely plausible given that the Bengals are an oversight of an organization. The Browns have been absolute garbage their entire existence and somehow, when you think of the AFC North, you think Steelers, Ravens, Browns and then you have to try real hard to remember that they also have the Bengals.

It’s a joke that the Bengals think that they’re that important that the Patriots would need to video tape them to beat them this Sunday. Who would the Patriots be afraid of? Joe Mixon? Tyler Boyd? Other second and third rate position players? Shit, AJ Green won’t even come back because he’s so embarrassed to be associated with this team right now.

Even with all of the Patriots struggles this season, they will still shitpump the Bengals into oblivion on Sunday and it has nothing to do with the need of videotaping their game against the fucking Browns.


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