Saints Look to Destroy Panthers, Head Into Post Season as #1 Seed

There’s just a feeeeeeeeeew things that need to happen first before that #1 or even 2 seed are ours. Sure, it’s a bit of a longshot, but crazier things have happened. Things would have been A LOT easier if the Rams AND the Vikings had handled their damn business! Or better yet, we had won the San Francisco OR first Atlanta game. But instead, we’re left to root for Seattle to beat San Francisco, and for Detroit to beat Green Bay…

The Rams really fucking suck. They can’t even deliver on a small favor that benefits them AND us. They did everything right to put away that game, and yet they couldn’t. That loss, like their season, looked impotent. I can’t feel bad, because of last season, but I’m also angry, because they blew it. San Fran got lucky there.

Now Seahawks beating the Niners is not so crazy. They’ve already done it once this year. But this time, they’ve got a very banged up offensive line and a questionable run game, with a recently resigned ancient Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin leading the group now. Does Lynch have one good game left in him? Can Russell Wilson deliver a “Russell Wilson” baller type performance? Well they are at home, and it is a rival game, so they can probably pull it off.


I can say this at least with confidence. If the Packers turn the ball over 3 times to the Lions, they will lose. My god, the Vikings without Delvin Cook may be the most anemic, saddest offense I’ve witnessed in decades. That game was pathetic. Kirk Cousins was pathetic. And largely because the offensive line was embarrassing. Green Bay is not that good, and right now, in the least we should all agree that the Saints would crush either of those teams in the postseason.

The Lions are their usual end of the season, sad, hopeless, injury-riddled selves. The only hope is that head coach Matt Patricia can light enough of a spark under his team to deliver an upset blow. The good news is that the Lions are as healthy as they’re gonna get, and they have nothing to lose. They’ve already locked themselves in as the 3rd pick of the draft, so this game is purely a rival fueled affair. If Green Bay comes out laying eggs again, they’ll be screwed. Lions win in overtime, because sure, why not?


For the Saints, all they need to do is take care of business, and Payton playing all starters is sending a clear message that taking care of business is exactly what he plans to do. You can look at this game a hundred different ways, and the only way they’re losing is if…well…nope. It’s impossible to lose this game. They could beat this current Panthers squad with their backups. But Payton doesn’t want to take any chances. If you’ve got an arsenal, use all of it. (Read about the Vietnam conflict if you want to see how not bringing your A game can be bad). He wants to ensure that the Saints have the best chance for a bye week as possible. This is why you want control of your destiny in football.


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