Get Ready to Tweet #SkolDat On Sunday, Saints Will Destroy Vikings


Revenge is a dish best served with the head of Stephon Diggs and served to you by Marcus Williams.  Hello Who Dats!!  Who is out for blood, and who is wanting a win anyway we get it?  Well I’m here to tell you first that the only way to the Super Bowl is for Sean Payton to send this Saints offense into nuclear mode.  Leave nothing up for chance, and DO NOT RELY ON THE REFS!!!!  Let’s look at Wild Card Weekend, Vikings vs Saints.


The game this Sunday at 12:05 C (really?  Can’t just do noon like ALWAYS, NFL??  Always something…) will be a tale of two teams: one is trending up, while the other is trending down.  I’m sure between the title of this post and the tone set early, you have figured out which is which.  If not, fuck it, keep reading!


New Orleans is clicking at the right time, with Brees and the offense really coming together, Deonte Harris is more consistent as a returner, and the defense is holding together despite injuries.  Speaking of injuries, everyone that was gonna be back by now has returned, and our offensive line and it’s depth are in tact.  If any of you recall, that was the biggest issue for the Saints heading into the postseason last year.  Not this time.


While it’s true the Vikings were without Delvin Cook for two games, and that heavily contributed to their offensive struggles, having him back and not 100% isn’t gonna change things that much for them.  At the end of the season, the Saints defense is ranked 4th against the run.  Couple that with the pride of the run defense that it’s been…I’ve lost count…a fuck ton of games since a player has rushed 100 yards on the Saints.  I wanna say it’s been 2 years or more now.  Yes, yes, I should do better at tracking stats.  You should read my blog more and call me out, like Mike Morris did!! Thank you Mike for the correction!!


The Vikings defense is good.  They’re ranked 14th overall.  The Saints finished 9th overall, and that is impressive considering our slow starts in the first half and the Bridgewater games were mostly defensive.  And the Vikings have been pretty good on offense, finishing 16th on the season.  The Saints finished 11th overall on defense.  This game is at home.  In the Dome.  With our 12th man.  Or woman.  Either way, this is a game on paper that favors the Saints, and no matter what metrics you look at, those results are the same.


But this is no longer the regular season.  This is no longer a “brush it off and get back next week”.  It’s eliminations from here on to the prize.  Does that mean that stats are out the window??  No, not at all.  But it does add that heightened “make or break” element, and you have to look at coaching at this point.  Mike Zimmer and Sean Payton know the playoffs.  They know each other.  And Zimmer knows we are the better team right now, and they are coming into extremely hostile territory.


So where does that leave us?  There are simple keys to this game, and everything equals success as long as nothing crazy happens (I will not give examples out of paranoia of jinxing things).

  1. Protect the ball.  The Saints quietly set an NFL record for fewest turnovers in a season.  Winning the turnover battle is huge, and that includes 4th quarter stops.
  2. Protect Brees.  The offensive line this year compared to last year is like Rocky IV vs Rocky V.  If you don’t know those movies, one defeats the Soviet Union and one sucks.
  3. Stop the Run.  Dalvin.  dAAAAAlvin. Not Delvin.  Fuck him and his name.  Make them one dimensional like we have so many teams.
  4. Pressure Kirk Cousins.  This is where the NOISE needs to come into play.  We’ve been fortunate that a lot of our rotational guys have stepped up huge, and the Minnesota O line is shaky.
  5. Minimize penalties…as much as possible!  Believe that the refs are out for us, and strive for perfection!  Take the game out of their hands!
  6. Believe!!!!!!!!  If you’re a true believer, it will happen 🙂

Offensive Player of the Game: Jared Cook
Defensive Player of the game: Demario Davis


Other score predictions and outcomes!  Let’s see how I do, Who Dats.  If you agree or disagree, holla at me!

DeShaun Watson can’t be stopped…this week.

Pats somehow do a Pats thing and win.  Most of the watching world gets annoyed.

I hate Pete Carroll and I want his demise to be on public display, but god damn it, it won’t be this week.


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