NBA Players Continue to Pay Tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Everyone has heard by now the tragedy that happened on Sunday involving the Bryant’s so I don’t feel the need to reiterate.

But teams all paid tribute by taking a 24 second shot clock violation, or an 8 second half court violation in honor of Kobe’s retired numbers. There have been talks about what the league can do or change to honor the NBA legend and sure fire hall of famer. There have been rumors of a logo change, retiring his number league wide, or naming awards after him to name a few. I think in this regard, naming the NBA’s most improved player award would be the most fitting to honor him. His entire career and even his life were based off of hard work and dedication, something every most improved player has to do to win the award.

Although the Dallas Mavericks have already said that, “…THE NUMBER 24 WILL NEVER BE WORN BY A DALLAS MAVERICK.” Retiring a number league wide is something that is done very rarely, most notably Jackie Robinson’s number 42 being retired in the MLB. I’m not against the idea, but it is a huge decision for the league to make. Some players have decided to take the liberty of changing their numbers mid-season, with the ‘ok’ from the league.

Spencer Dinwiddie was the first player to do so, changing his number from 8, to 26. He had multiple reasons behind the new number choice, but in this case, Kobe wore number 24 and Gianna wore the number 2 so he combined to honor them both.

Quinn Cook has changed his number to 28 for the same main reason as Dinwiddie.

Markieff Morris changed his number from 8 to 88. He keeps the number 8 in his jersey but does pay his respects by changing from Kobe’s former number.

There are also some players like Kemba Walker who wears the number 8 and is still thinking about changing his number. He understands and respects players changing their numbers. Walker would, “…love to honor him by wearing that number”. He said that Kobe played hard night in and night out and he would like to honor him that way.

However they are doing it, players continue to pour out their tributes and respects to Kobe. I think that any way players or the league can pay their respects is an honorable thing to do.



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