A Fight *almost* Breaks Out at Madison Square Garden

The dumbest unwritten rule in basketball made another appearance tonight during the Knicks, Grizzlies game. The Knicks were down big at the end of the fourth, like usual. Jae Crowder went to shoot a 3 and got pushed to the ground by Elfrid Payton, leading to a shoving match between teams and teams even coaches

(Via Mike Vorkunov)

Elfrid Payton will for sure catch a suspension and a fine for this. But when will NBA players realize that just because they’re losing, doesn’t mean the other HAS to stop playing.

This altercation led to a “Sell the team” chant at MSG. Knick fans are upset and have been upset with James Dolan for a long time. I don’t understand why someone would want to be the owner of a team, and have all your fans hate you. I don’t even like the Knicks and I hope he sells the team.


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