Every Teams Biggest Need Going into the Offseason

The season is over, the Chiefs beat the Niners in the Super Bowl and now we head into the off-season. Draft season, trades, free agency, all things that can change a franchise, contenders are made here. So what does every team need this off-season to improve their team. So going in the draft order, I’ll start with the Cincinnati Bengals.

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Quarterback

This one is pretty obvious. They made it clear that Andy Dalton is not in their future plans (a good plan). It seems like a lock that they are going to draft LSU’s Joe Burrow. Probably the right choice considering the other option is Tua Tagovailoa who has dealt with a hip injury that seems to be mysterious. 

2. Washington Redskins – Defense Help

Ron Rivera seems ready to work with Dwayne Haskins as his franchise quarterback. Their offense has potential to be good, Derrius Guice and Terry Mclaurin have both shown potential to be legit NFL players. To stick with the youth they should go and draft Chase Young out of Ohio State, a quick pass rusher. Last year they gave up the 27th most points to opponents, putting pressure on the quarterback should help there.

3. Detroit Lions – Quarterback?

Is it time to move on from Matthew Stafford? Probably, but they would have to trade him and try and find another option. Stafford can still play, but they have good receivers and good running backs, so why isn’t that translating to wins? Could the Lions take a chance and sign Jameis Winston, then trade for other pieces like maybe some offensive line help? Stafford and Winston both love to throw the ball so the offensive scheme won’t have to change much. Winston is five years younger and gives them an option who is ready to play, rather than drafting a new quarterback. 

4. New York Giants – Offensive Line

They seem to have found their quarterback in Daniel Jones, he wasn’t great but he showed potential. Obviously Saquon is great, but you know what would make him better… a better offensive line. Now whether they want to draft a lineman or make a big splash in free agency or the trade market is up the front office. If I were them I would go through the draft and get a young guy, then have money to spend elsewhere. 

5. Miami Dolphins – Quarterback… maybe

The Dolphins are in a weird spot, they have Josh Rosen who they traded for, but then proceeded to bench for Ryan Fitzpatrick. They traded away most of their good young players for draft picks, and are now rumored to be interested in Tua Tagovailoa out of Alabama. Then comes the other option of sticking with Rosen and seeing what they have in him for a full season and if he stinks, you try and draft Trevor Lawrence next year. So they have three legit options to try and find their franchise quarterback. Personally, I would draft either an offensive lineman or a receiver like Jerry Jeudy or Tee Higgins then wait for Lawrence and build your future from there.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – Quarterback

The Chargers have said they are ready to move on from Philip Rivers, meaning they need to find his replacement. There have been rumors of them going after Tom Brady, but that doesn’t make sense to me, I would try and build my future, not rent a 42 year old for maybe a couple good years. They could be in the mix for signing Jameis Winston or possibly be the team that trades for Matthew Stafford. They could also draft a quarterback, but they were a playoff team just two seasons ago, so they shouldn’t just rebuild now.

7. Carolina Panthers – Tight End or Receiver

The Panthers could possibly be done with Cam Newton. He has been injured, and now with a new head coach no one knows whether he wants Newton or Will Grier could be their starter in 2020. Greg Olsen and the team have mutually parted ways, and Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore are not elite number one option receivers. They need to add some options to throw to other than Christian McCaffrey, he can’t be their entire offense.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Offensive Line

Kyler Murray did better than a lot of his doubters thought he would. We won the offensive rookie of the year award. They aren’t necessarily a great team, but they have good players on both sides of the ball. Getting Murray good protection should be their first priority. He is undersized and needs to be able to see his receivers so he can’t have defenders in his face all the time. They also need to protect their franchise quarterback the same as every other team.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – Receiver Help

They seem willing to let Gardner Minshew try and be their guy, so what they need to do is give him better targets, which also makes their run game more of a threat with Leonard Fournette. Drafting a guy like Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III, or Ter Higgins could be an option for them. They could also make a trade for an established receiver like AJ Green who could be cheap coming off an injured season. If the Chargers are going to rebuild Keenan Allen could be an option for them.

10. Cleveland Browns – Offensive Line

All this team really needs is a good offensive line. I think Baker Mayfield can be a good starting quarterback in the NFL, yes he had a bad year last season but he’s got a new coach now and another year under his belt. They have offensive weapons galore but Baker needs time to get them the ball. They could really take a step next season if they do this.

11. New York Jets – Offensive Line

Sam Darnold and the Jets finished the year really strong. He left them with high hopes for this upcoming season. Getting him more time to throw the ball, as well as giving Le’Veon Bell a better line makes that offense pretty dangerous. Bell thrives in Pittsburgh where they had a great line, the Jets should try and emulate that. Their defense is pretty solid with guys like Jamal Adams and Quinnen Williams so that isn’t an area that needs improvement.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Wide Receivers

We are finally getting a Las Vegas NFL team. Being in that city you need to have some flash on your roster. With the 12th pick, it’s likely a highly anticipated rookie receiver will still be available. They could take Jerry Jeudy out of Alabama or even Tee Higgins out of Clemson. Derek Carr can only get better if you give him good pass catchers.

13. Indianapolis Colts – Receiver Help

Jacoby Brissett has stretches where he looked elite last year. They should stick with him as a starter for the 2020 season. They have a good offensive line and run game with Marlon Mack. T.Y. Hilton isn’t getting any younger and has some injury worries so finding another new options could help their offense.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Quarterback

It seems inevitable that Jameis Winston won’t be back next season so they’ll need to find a replacement. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin tore it up this past season so getting a gunslinger makes the most sense for them. Going for a veteran quarterback, they should be interested in Matthew Stafford or even Philip Rivers if the Chargers don’t bring him back. But whatever way they go, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin need someone who can throw to them.

15. Denver Broncos – Receiving Help OT O-line

Going with Drew Lock seems to be their plan, so you need to make your young quarterback comfortable. The best way to help him out is to get him some strong wide receiver help, especially after trading away Emmanuel Sanders last season. Or they could try and get some strong pass protection to keep him healthy and give him more time to find open receivers.

16. Atlanta Falcons – DEFENSE!!!

The Falcons offense is the least of their worries. They have a quarterback who can throw the ball well, a solid running in Devonta Freeman, and one of the stronger receiving cores in the league led by Julio Jones. They could target a solid pass rusher in Jadeveon Clowney or Shaq Barrett who are both young and have shown they can be dominant.

17. Dallas Cowboys – Defense

Their main priority is to sign both Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, that would solidify their offense after locking up Zeke Elliot. They disappointed this season, mainly due to their defense being their weak point. There are quite a few good defensive players in this years free agent class, including their own Byron Jones. They have Demarcus Lawrence and Jaylon Smith but aside from that they have room to upgrade.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Wide Receiver or Big Ben Replacement

Big Ben missed the majority of this past season, so no one really knows how good he can still be next year. Their offensive line is still solid but they need to get another receiver to line up on the other side of Juju Smith-Schuster. (Antonio Brown???) Realistically, they can’t take any elite help in the draft since they don’t have their own first round pick. But big names could be available like, AJ Green, Keenan Allen, or Emmanuel Sanders.

19. Chicago Bears – Offense, offense, offense

Personally, I am not highly on Mitch Trubisky, but if Matt Nagy trusts him, that’s who they’re stuck with. Offensive line help is always something that will help a team, always. So their focus should either be there, or a strong wide receiver target for Trubisky. The defense was elite just a year ago, so there is no reason they can’t get back to that place, Khalil Mack is still really good.

20. Los Angeles Rams – Defense?

The Rams are in a tough spot with cap space so they don’t have a ton of wiggle room to sign guys. They have a ton of elite players on their offense including their line. Defense can almost always be upgraded, but they still have guys like Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. So a linebacker seems to be the spot that could be upgraded. Guys like Manti Te’o or Patrick Onwuasor are available and won’t completely destroy their cap space.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Receivers

The Eagles main struggle this past season was injuries. They ended up playing practice squad receivers for a few games at the end of the season. Carson Wentz would benefit from more depth at that position. Whether they get someone through the draft or get a veteran player.

22. Buffalo Bills – O-line or Receiver

Josh Allen showed he is the real deal and can help his team get to the playoffs. After getting sacked 38 times in 2019, an O-line upgrade would make his running ability stronger, as well as give him more time to find open receivers. Which leads me to their other hole, receivers. John Brown was their leading receiver in 2019 with just over 1K yards and 6 touchdowns, he would be a better second option than first.

23. New England Patriots – Tight End or Receiver

They were tied for the 4th most dropped passes last year. If they re-sign Brady, they will have to add more talent. They usually thrive with a solid tight end, they have been rumored to draft Thaddeus Moss, or they could sign veteran Eric Ebron. Brady would probably prefer to get veterans he can trust. If they want to re-sign Brady, he needs to be assured the Patriots give him legitimate weapons on the offensive end.

24. New Orleans Saints – Receivers

It feels weird saying a team with arguably the best receiver in the league needs to add another one, but it would really help them. For starters, Brees is getting older, and the more help the better. Their second, third, and fourth leading receivers were non-wide receivers. Their second leading receiver was Ted Ginn who went for less than 500 yards and only two touchdown, he’s also going to be 35 at the start of next season. There’s a reason they worked out Antonio Brown before the playoffs last year.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Defense

They have a good defense already, but their offense is solid. They should add to their secondary as their front seven is good. I would say they should try and get a veteran presence to help Xavier Rhodes who struggled in 2019. They should aim to be back in the playoffs again next season, and defensive help will be big for Kirk Cousins as he has struggled on the big stage.

26. Houston Texans – OFFENSIVE LINE!!!

Deshaun Watson has taken WAY too many sacks ever since he entered the league. In just three seasons he has taken 125 sacks. They tried to help him by trading for Laremy Tunsil last season but that didn’t help all that much. They have solid receivers, all Hopkins needs is more time in the pocket. This team could be really good if they get Watson protection.

27. Seattle Seahawks – O-line

They drafted DK Metcalf last year and that turned out to be a great decision. Russell Wilson had an MVP caliber season but was still sacked almost 50 times. Similar to Watson, if they give him more protection Wilson could bring the Seahawks back to the playoffs and hopefully for them the Super Bowl.

28. Baltimore Ravens – Defense or Receivers

The Ravens were the best team in the regular season last year. Lamar Jackson won the MVP and had a ridiculously good year. They controlled the ground game which let them control the clock in most games. But they struggled throwing the ball sometimes. Getting an elite receiver to compliment that run game could make that offense lethal. Hollywood Brown has a good rookie season, but he isn’t an elite target. For their defense they just have a couple guys they need to re-sign and they should be fine.

29. Tennessee Titans – Defense

The Titans showed last season they are the real deal. They made it to the conference championship, heavily led by their run game with Derrick Henry. They have a solid offensive line for him to run behind. But when you control the game like that, you need the lead. Your defense can’t give up a lot of points. They had to go away from their offense when they fell behind and that’s when the wheels fell off.

30. Green Bay Packers – Recievers

Aaron Rodgers could use some receiving help, after Davante Adams he has to make other guys better. Now if they want to get a big dominant tight end that would help too. There are a few older quarterbacks in the league right now still playing at high levels, but they could all use some extra receiving help. The Packers defense helped them get deep into the playoffs this year, an elite offense could get them to the super bowl next season.

31. San Francisco 49ers – Receivers

They dominated games on the ground as well as defensively. Jimmy Garoppolo is locked up for while and they are possibly going to lose Emmanuel Sanders to free agency. Deebo Samuel had an incredible rookie season, but getting an elite receiver could take their offense to a whole new level.

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Defense

They won the super bowl, why do they need to add anything? Their offense is elite, probably the best in the league. They could add some depth to their defense. D-lineman Chris Jones should definitely get re-signed, they have an opportunity to get an elite defense to go with their offense, they could be unstoppable.


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